idk what

Dino Pets are,

and at this point...

i'm too afraid to ask.


It's okay. We used to be scared too. Then we realised that if we gave them pets, put ridiculous items on them and then made them pose for a photo... they become a lot less scary! Especially when they're trying to make sure we get their good side.
The premiere project by casualchaos

Launch Date: MINT IS LIVE 👀
‍Total Supply: 3333
‍Price: 0.033 ETH each

we're cute and so are our pets

Much like the Dinos that roamed the planet 65 million years ago, Dino pets aren’t only here for a good time, but also a long time. We are working hard to become the most rewarding project on the NFT scene to date by simply keeping to this one promise;

Anyone who is holding a Dino Pet has the opportunity to mint ALL of our future programmatically generated projects for free. *

With this promise, a small community of Dino Pet holders will be granted with continued reward, whilst in turn, their Dino is ever increasing in value as it remains the key to our future free mints.

Sounds Stomptacular, right? 😜

* we will validate that you are holding a Dino Pet in your wallet at time of mint and cost will be eliminated, leaving just the gas fee to remain. This promise will only be valid on Casual Chaos’ own future programmatically generated projects, any one off NFTs or limited edition collections won’t be eligible.

our story

Each Dino Pet holds a unique combination of characteristics including; expression, head accessory and eyes, as well as proudly presenting its very own pet. These combinations are programmatically generated and each outcome holds a specific rarity as some traits are much, much rarer than others.

Altogether there will be 3333 Dino Pets all at a mint price of 0.033 eth. Because 3 is the magic number.
Note: 33 Dino Pets will be withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways/ rewards leading upto and on commence of launch— and for the creators of Dino Pets. There will also be a MAX of 20 available to mint per transaction.


Time to give back. Follow our sale goals as we begin to mint.


We pay our bills and quit our day jobs to focus on NFTs full-time. No more stacking shelves. 👏


We begin generating limited edition one off Dino Pets to begin thanking our community for all of their support 🦕


Member Exclusive Dino Pet tees become available to purchase 💫


10 Dino Pets airdropped to random owners 🏆


£10,000 will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society because this charity is close to both our hearts and we want to help people stomp for many years to come ☺️

So, are you down to mint?

made with love x

by casualchaos



• Degree in Game Development

• Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship

• 4 years working @ indie game dev

• 1 year @ European Union funded business incubator

• Likes: guitar, nature, dogs, video games, dinos



• Degree in Fine Art

• Masters Degree in Illustration

• Likes: running, drawing, coffee, loud music, dinos

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